Vadret Sweaty Feet Insoles

Brand: Vadret from Podobrace UK
The Vadret - Sweaty Feet Insoles are considered as one of the best solutions for sweaty feet, by many specialists. The specially designed sweaty feet insoles are made of emsecco fibers. The insoles are moisture-absorbing, odor-resistant and bactericidal. Ensuring you can get rid of sweaty feet and the nasty smell drastically. In addition, these insoles also have optimum shock absorption, pressure distribution and pressure relief. The insoles feel very comfortable and are perfect for people who stand, walk and/or exercise a lot. All these qualities ensure that the Vadret - Sweaty Feet Insoles have been used for years with great success by tens of thousands of people for the optimal prevention of sweaty feet. So don't wait any longer and help yourself to get rid of the nasty smells and experience the difference with the Vadret - Sweaty Feet Insoles (come in pairs and for optimum results we advise you to use them in combination with the Vadret - Anti Sweaty Feet Granes).
Only £22.95

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