Sukrin Organic Almond Flour 250g

Brand: Pharmacy First from Pharmacy First
Sukrin Almond Flour is made from fat-reduced cold-pressed raw whole almonds. Sukrin finely ground almond flour is Low-Carb, rich in protein and naturally Gluten-Free. Use as a flour substitute in your baking or cooking and as a versatile supplement in smoothies, yoghurt and breakfast cereals. More Sukrin Whole-Foods Peanut Flour (Fat-reduced, High Protein) Organic Coconut Flour (Low-Carb, High-Fibre) Sesame Flour (Low-Carb, High Protein) Fat-reduced (80%) finely ground almond flour. Low GI and carbohydrate. Raw all-natural. 80% Fat-reduced. High protein (40%). Naturally gluten-free. Vegetarian Society approved.
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