RENU Soft Touch Toner 180ml

Brand: MONU from lookfantastic UK
A silky lotion which gently refreshes the skin after daily cleansing while protecting its protective barrier, RENU Soft Touch Toner restores comfort to leave your skin clean, soft, rejuvenated and renewed. Scientifically developed using sodium hyaluronate to plump the skin, RENU Soft Touch Toner enhances your skin’s natural radiance using Vitamin C, Polysaccharides and Aloe Vera to prevent dryness and maintain elasticity, while Vitamin B5 helps to promote moisture balance. Part of the RENU Anti Ageing range, the RENU Soft Touch Toner targets the three main types of skin ageing; Natural, genetic chrono ageing characterised by wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance, photo-ageing resulting from environmental aggressors such as UV damage, and hormonal ageing which affect the skin’s ability to retain moisture and elasticity. Directions of use: Warm Renu Soft Touch Toner in dry palms. Apply to the face and neck in a pressing motion or apply with damp cotton wool and gently wipe over face and neck.
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