OPTIFAST Dessert Vanilla 1 Month Supply 32 Sachets

Brand: Optifast from Optifast UK
OPTIFAST Vanilla Dessert Mix adds tasty variation to your weight loss programme alongside soups, shakes and bars. Quick and easy to prepare for any meal replacement, just add cold water, sets in 5 minutes, no shopping, no meal planning. Each sachet contains only 216 calories and a specially formulated blend of essential vitamins and minerals. It is used by healthcare professionals. Online support is available to help monitor your progress towards better health and emotional well-being. Reclaim your health and energy with the OPTIFAST weight loss programme. What is OPTIFAST Diet? At OPTIFAST, you’ll find a wide range of meal replacement supplements to bring a delightful mix to your daily diet. Replace one or two meals with one of your favourite OPTIFAST products to support your weight loss goals. Who is OPTIFAST Suitable for? OPTIFAST meal replacement products are suitable for those who’re looking for a helping hand along your weight loss journey. We pride ourselves on our tailored formulas, providing essential nutrients to maintain good health whilst on your diet.
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