NUK Toy Story Soothers Size 1 0 6m

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Watch out Toy Story fans the amusing gang of toys that have been delighting young and old for decades  are now available on NUK Soothers and these cute limited edition designs start with the rootin' tootin' yeeee haaw cowgirl Jessie! Recommended by experts NUK Soothers soothe better than ever before as breastfed babies accept this soother because of its familiar shape. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed to NUK that their soothers do not affect breastfeeding. So it also gives new mothers some time for peace and relaxation. The NUK soother is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds fitting optimally into the mouth when the baby sucks on it. The special thing about this soother is that it is particularly thin and narrow to reduce the pressure on the teeth and jaws. The flat baglet and the smooth underside ensure a pleasant feeling in the mouth and give the tongue enough space for natural sucking movements. Anatomically-designed mouth shield with a flat button to avoid pressure marks when the baby is lying on their tummy or their side and with a practical ring. Flatter baglet and smoother underside – allow plenty of room for natural sucking movements Thinner and narrower teat neck – reduces pressure on jaws and teeth Natural shape based on a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding Storage box for hygienic conditioning in a microwave Recommended by experts Silicone baglet BPA Free
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