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Babies love to suckle whether it be on a teat a thumb or a soother. Some babies need extra comfort and security and a soother provides this especially at naptime or bedtime. As your baby develops so does its needs. These MAM Air Soothers have been specially made for babies 6+ months and over. The orthodontic shape will encourage your baby to suckle in the same way as when it is breastfeeding. Orthodontic soothers are also thought to have less of an effect on how your baby’s first teeth develop. The silky skin-soft silicone teat mimics the feel of skin so babies take to it much easier than latex. Mam Air Soothers have larger air holes on the shield to allow for extra airflow reducing reddening. The curved shield of the Mam Nature Soother provides comfort while the air holes and inside surface are good for a baby’s skin. The air holes also make it easier to see baby's cute little smile something you never want to hide. The unique button makes for a quick and easy grip and also provides a secure attachment to soother clips for when babies literally ‘spit out their dummy’. Another bonus of Mam Soothers they come packed in a fully sterilisable travel case to keep the soothers clean when not in use. These soothers come with two fun designs. All Mam Soothers are designed with dentists for healthy dental development Suitable from 6+ Months Orthodontic silk teat Extra Air Flow Fun design Sterilisable travel case BPA and BPS free There's sure to be many people out there who wonder what BPA and BPS are to put it simply BPA is short for Bisphenol A and BPS is short for Bisphenol S both of which are chemical compounds used in hard plastics. Past research has shown that BPA and BPS had a negative effect on health. MAM products do not contain either so you can rest assured your baby is in safe hands just where you want them to be.
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