Lynx Ice Chill Trio Gift Set

Brand: Lynx from
Sometimes you need a blast of instant freshness to get yourself going and this Lynx Trio Gift Set will do just that. Whether you're going on a date popping into town or just heading to work all you need to do is just jump in the shower squeeze out a handful of that super refreshing menthol magic lather up and instantly shower yourself chilled. The best part is it’s 3-in-1. It’s a body wash. It’s a face wash and you can use it on your hair. Dermatologically tested triple-threat that keeps you smelling fresh for up to 8 zesty hours. Finish off with an Ice Chill blast of bodyspray for 48hours of freshness. Or for extra protection  Lynx Ice Chill Antiperspirant is your guarantor of confidence. The king of 48-hour sweat-free freedom. Set contains:  1 x Lynx Ice Chill Bodywash - 250ml 1 x Lynx Ice Chill Bodyspray - 150ml 1 x Lynx Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant - 150ml
Only £7.00

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