Extreme Nutrition Build Recover 4 32kg

Brand: Discount Supplements from Discount Supplements
Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover  is a multi-purpose, high-protein food, designed to refuel the body with essential nutrients after exercise or for the committed individual who will not settle for conventional convenience foods. A comprehensive blend of carefully selected nutrients, each 72g serving contains approximately 50% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, and is perfect when a healthy energy rich meal is not possible. The time released protein blend found in Extreme Build & Recover is absorbed at different speeds just like solid food. Very low in fat (only 0.9g per serving), ultra low in sodium and lactose, a common cause of stomach upset and allergic reaction, each serving supplies 1500milligrams of KR-Evolution, Kre-Alkalyn creatine and 1250 milligrams of HMB per serving. Combined with dextrose, a fast acting simple carbohydrate which creates an insulin release promoting an increased uptake of Creatine and amino acids by the body.Build and Recover is a post workout recovery drink, a high energy meal replacement and can also be taken as a high calorie weight gainer.Suitable for Vegetarians.
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