Ethotics Metatarsal Domes Size 2 1 Pair 50 x 37 x 7mm

Brand: Ethotics from Vivomed Limited
NEW & IMPROVED MATERIAL - The new domes are exactly the same design/function as the old black ones. However the new domes are using a silicon gel as the material as using silicon ensures that all the products are manufactured exactly the same. Colours may vary depending on stock. (Black or clear) E-THOTICS Metatarsal Domes are designed to improve forefoot function by supporting the transverse metatarsal arch and distributing weight and pressure more evenly across the ball of the foot. When people develop pain in the forefoot the condition is broadly recognised as metatarsalgia. Combine metatarsal domes with E-THOTICS to achieve the most positive outcome. The domes are all made from PU Memory which has terrific rebound effect and will not bottom out. The full range of domes are self-adhesive to allow correct locating on your E-THOTICS which makes fitting them easy though we do recommend gluing them to your orthotic to extend their life. The E-THOTIC Metatarsal domes are available in 5 sizes. Our size 3 and 4 domes are similar in size however dome 4 is thicker and offers a greater anterior drop to promote better dorsiflexion of the metatarsal shaft. Please note the size does not relate to your shoe size but to the area and height of support you require. For the best outcomes we recommend that these heel raises are used in conjunction with an E-Thotic insole, please follow the links below: Ethotics Ultimate Sports Profile & Ethotics Ultimate Dual Density SIZE 1 44mm long x 32 mm wide x 7mm high SIZE 2 50mm long x 37mm wide x 7mm high SIZE 3 50mm long x 43mm wide x 7mm high SIZE 4 50mm long x 43mm wide x 9mm high SIZE 5 64mm long x 54mm wide x 7mm high
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