Coretection Coreshorts Pro 3 0 Extra Large

Brand: Coretection from Vivomed Limited
They are back! The original Coreshorts Pro have been taken back from Under Armour by the original manufacture Coretection - check out the videos below. The Coretection Coreshorts Pro 3.0 support the pelvis, hip, and groin areas while providing functional motion control, widely used in sports such as football, American football, Ice hockey, GAA and many others. They are Latex Free, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial and are made from a Quick Dry Wicking Material meaning they are comfortable to wear while playing sport or for daily wear. Our customer love these shorts, please see the reviews here Commonly used by people suffering from or wanting to prevent: Gilmore's Groin Sports Hernia Osteitis Pubis (also known as pubic symphysis, symphysis pubis, or symphysis pubica) Groin Pain Sacro-Iliac Dysfunction. How do Coreshorts Pro 3.0 work? Patented "X" Core Activation System with specifically blended 2 way elastic strips. Recommended compression short in professional sports for groin injuries Provides dynamic pelvic compression and motion control for injury prevention and recovery. Compression Rating 20-30 mmHg Beneficial for sacroiliac joint stabilisation, osteitis pubis, hip flexor, quadriceps, hamstring and lower abdominal strain. Recommended for injury prevention and groin injury recovery. Beneficial support for all sports that require quick movements, physically demanding work/activities and those who need extra support due to decreased muscle strength and poor stability. Coretection Coreshorts Pro 3.0 Size Chart SIZE WAIST in inches WEIGHT in lbs XS/YOUTH 22 - 26 90 - 120 SMALL 26 - 30 120 - 150 MEDIUM 30 - 34 150 - 185 LARGE 34 - 38 185 - 210 X-LARGE 38 - 42 210 - 235 2X-LARGE 42 - 46 235 - 260 This size chart is only a guide. If your height and weight combination falls into the gray area you may prefer the next size up.
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