Bodybuilding Warehouse Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 Chocolate Cookie 2kg

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Pure Whey 80 from Bodybuilding Warehouse is a high quality 100% pure whey protein powder supplement. Pure Whey 80 is exceptional quality - we only use the finest grass fed, European sourced whey protein, then blend and flavour in-house in our own state of the art manufacturing facility to exceptional standards of quality and care. This ensures Pure Whey 80 is the highest quality protein in the UK, and we maintain excellent value through doing everything in-house. There is no middle man, Pure Whey 80 is made using the finest whey available, blended and packed in house, and offered direct to you at wholesale rates. Pure Whey 80 is instantised, undenatured, easy to mix and available in over 20 flavours for your enjoyment. Pure Whey 80 has an incredible 19g of high quality protein per 25g serving. It is manufactured using an advanced cross-flow micro-filtration process, at low temperatures to ensure it remains undenatured and highly bioavailable. This ensures that as well as having a protein that's very easy to mix, with no unwanted lumps or bumps, you also get excellent protein uptake and amino acid availability (for Pure Whey 80's incredible amino acid profile, scroll down). Pure Whey 80 really is the gold standard of whey protein - with a huge 80% protein, very low carbs, low sugar, and low fat. It's healthy, easy to digest, highly bioavailable and tastes fantastic. We offer both unflavoured and flavoured varieties of Pure Whey to satisfy every taste - if you love cooking with whey, why not try our unflavoured options? These make an excellent cooking ingredient, ideal for home made recipes. If you're looking for inspiration, check out our blog, where we've posted hundreds of great tasting recipes you can make with Bodybuilding Warehouse protein powders ! If flavoured protein is more up your street, you'll love Pure Whey too ! Pure Whey is easy to drink, instanised for great mixability and we've created over 20 amazing flavours to discover ! From iconic 'Strawberry', to innovative 'Millionaire's Shortcake', 'Caramel Biscuit' and cutting edge 'S'mores' ! Pure Whey 80 tastes incredible in every flavour - and being instantised, it's easy to mix too. If you have a flavour suggestion, why not email us? We'd love to hear your flavour suggestions and if it's a good one, maybe we'll make it ! What are the scientifically proven benefits of Pure Whey 80? Protein is one of the most popular, and most highly researched sports supplements in the World. After extensive scientific review, the European Food and Safety Authority concluded that: Protein has been found to contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass Protein has been found to contribute to the maintenance of normal bones Protein has been found to contribute to a growth in muscle mass These are not pie in the sky findings, but those borne from extensive research, analysis and testing. Pure Whey 80 is naturally high in quality protein, and makes a simple and tasty way to increase your daily protein intake. What is the Amino Acid Profile of Pure Whey 80? Pure Whey 80 has one of the best Amino Acid profiles in the World. Packed with Leucine, Isoleucine and more, it is high in BCAAs, EAAs, and the other amino acids essential for great results. The full amino acid profile is shown below. Typical Amino Acid Composition Per 100g Alanine - 5,500mgArginine - 2,700mgAspartic Acid (Asparagine) - 11,300mgCysteine (Cystine) - 2,400mgGlutamic Acid (Glutamine) 18,400mgGlycine - 2,000mgHistidine - 1,900mgIsoleucine - 6,600mgLeucine - 11,400mgLysine - 9,900mgMethionine - 2,300mgPhenylalanine - 3,500mgProline - 6,600mgSerine - 5,700mgThreonine - 7,500mgTryptophane - 1,900mgTyrosine - 3,200mgValine - 6,600mg Of Which BCAAs - 22,800mg: Leucine - 11,400mgIsoleucine - 6,600mgValine - 6,600mg Of Which Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) - 54,800mg: Histidine - 1,900mgIsoleucine - 6,600mgLeucine - 11,400mgLysine - 9,900mgMethionine - 2,300mgPhenylalanine - 3,500mgThreonine - 7,500mgTryptophane - 1,900mgTyrosine - 3,200mgValine - 6,600mg At Bodybuilding Warehouse we pride ourselves on quality. Our Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 has been produced in-house in our own custom built factory, using ingredients from approved, audited suppliers who meet our strict quality assurance standards, and work within our Principles. It comes supplied in a Bodybuilding Warehouse high-quality sealed pouch that is sealed immediately upon manufacturing, to maintain pristine freshness and a free scoop is added to every one. | Bodybuilding Warehouse | Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80-Chocolate Cookie-2kg
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