Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks Ball amp Racket per pair

Brand: Bauerfeind from Podobrace UK
Specially designed for all ball and racketsports! Best tested and the best compression sock for among other things, football and tennis! Completely seamless! Scientifically proven effect!   Are you looking for the best compression socks for all ball and racketsports? If so, then the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks Ball & Racket are the best choice for you! These socks are completely seamless and rank among the absolute best in sport compression socks and have been specifically designed to function as a stabilizing sports stocking for ball and racketsports. The socks are considered as the best solution for heavy, swollen, painful and tired calfs during long walks, or for injuries sustained during running such as, shin splints, muscle cramps, contusions and even varicose veins.
Only £44.75

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